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M8 develops, produces and manages creative content.

What is ‘content’?

‘Content’ is everything that is watched, read or heard. It is active engagement with a brand or organisation.

Who we are.

We are executive producers with extensive experience in broadcast, features, commercials, music and content. We have run agency TV departments, bicoastal UK and US production companies and worked with some of the most famous and innovative directors and creative talent in the world.

What we do.

We work closely with clients to create, deliver and manage their content distribution across all media.

When it comes to creating video; one size doesn’t fit all.

We have developed an idea - S, M, L, XL, and XXL – to show that no project is either too small or too large for us to work on. For instance, a great script shot on a modest budget will always beat a so-so idea filmed on a large budget.

So what are S,M,L,XL,XXL?

They are ‘real-world’ project pricing points.

What’s the idea?

We’ve realized that creating a film or video is like buying a T-shirt. Clients’ needs vary a lot, so the ‘one size fits all’ approach simply doesn’t work. We do what is most appropriate for the client’s needs. But we will not compromise any project no matter what size.

A different approach.

We’ve learned that establishing clear financial guidelines right at the start of a conversation saves time and helps us focus practically on what’s required.

How we operate.

We work on a client’s behalf, managing the necessary creative skills and delivery systems demanded by any project.

We are creatively agnostic and ‘open-source’. We’ll find the right talent to fit your brief, not the right brief to fit our talent.

In other words, whatever the job, we’ll get the best talent, at the best price, to do the best work.